Application Development Projects

Explore the commercial opportunities of mobile applications.
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We can make application development projects easier

Time-to-market and delivering against market demand are fundamental for the success of new products in the mobile market. At Mdtec we realise that businesses must adopt a more flexible product development strategy. We focus on customer requirement-led product development and innovative profitable products which deliver return on investment.

We can help you create your own mobile applications; from simple 'promos' through to large scale database driven enterprise types. Contact us to see how we can help.

Below is a small selection of client projects we have completed.

Nokia Find & Compare

When Nokia, the world leading mobile manufacturer needed to introduce a strategic marketing application they asked if our TagsMe™ GUI was up to the task.

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En Vivo

When the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusia's regional government) needed a mobile solution for their 1.2 million Euro project to centralise the various travel and tourism databases in Andalucía, they came to Mdtec. Read the Case Study

Malaga Mobile

New start up company, Malaga Mobile, is installing large touch screen 'info' point in the province of Malaga. Having seen Mdtec's MobiHoliday™ product more than a year previously, they contracted us to help develop a new family of Bluetooth distributed tourist centric applications.