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TagsMe™GUI Mobile Application Development Environment from Mdtec
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TagsMe™ GUI - mobile development made easier

Mobile phones are fast gaining advanced computing capabilities with the introduction of operating systems pioneered by leading handset manufacturers. Businesses today have the opportunity to build customised applications which link their customers and employees while they are on the move. Mobile enterprise applications lead to higher productivity and cost savings.

Mobile Applications are of interest to publishers and media owners who can offer interactive premium services to people on the move. Mdtec can help businesses develop applications for the various operating systems using our own TagsMe™ GUI Mobile Development Environment which builds quality assured cross device compatible applications capable of connecting with any recognised data source. Application distribution can be by web download, OTA or application stores.

All our developments conform to rigorous in house development and testing processes to ensure that applications can be delivered via different handsets and store fronts.

We support application development for different operating systems including Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android.