Mobile Betting Solutions from Mdtec

Mobile Betting Solutions from Mdtec
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Internet betting completely changed the way people think about betting. Gone are the days when you had to either visit a bookmaker or make a telephone call; you could now do it from the comfort of your own home.

Then came mobile betting - we all remember the hype that WAP would give us all the functions of the Internet on our phones. The betting industry poured money into this new technology and quite literally 'caught a cold'. In the early days, WAP just wasn't up to the task.

Our BetMate™ platform is currently integrated into our SportMate™ application and takes mobile betting to a level where users can securely place bets in the knowledge that it's quick and simple to use, see odds updated in real time - so they can be sure the prices are the latest available but most importantly, they can do it from the pub, the match or even on holiday; the service is available anytime, anywhere!

A standalone version of BetMate™ will be available from end 1st quarter 2010